Daily Jot: Words on the page

A red brick wall with a single round light mounted high with an empty black table and two chairs below.
Waiting for a conversation. Photo © Lloyd Lemons

THIS IS BEING POSTED in the final few hours of 2021. Another hellacious year of sickness, divisiveness, cultural and economic strain. We’re all hoping for better things in the new year, but COVID won’t rest. So, it’s onward with flimsy expectations.

But expectations are mandatory. What choice do we have but to try to bring about a better year than the last two? And so, we work on it.


One thing I’m going to do to bring about a positive flow in my life is to write something new every day. Even if I’ve had a bad day, or don’t know what to write, or don’t feel like writing, I’m going to do it anyway. It might be garbage and make little sense to you, the reader, but I’m going to put words down in hopes they will be read. And, who knows, it may be brilliant and help you understand something you’ve been pondering, solve a problem, or give you an idea to think about.

Because THINKING is something we must never stop doing.

I’m going to call this brief script, Daily Jot. Here it is! Congrats on being among the first readers to wonder what the heck I am doing.

Working toward a happier new year together.



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Lloyd Lemons

I’ve been a writer of various descriptions for 40 years. Today, I write an eclectic mix of stories for curious people of a certain age.