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Photo © Lloyd Lemons

AS A YOUNGSTER, MY FAMILY LIVED IN A SMALL BUNGALOW on a tree-lined dirt road in Clawson, Michigan. To call it a bungalow may be generous. It was a boxy old house with brown asphalt siding, a coal chute under the porch, and a tall chimney that belched black smoke in the wintertime. Ours was an old neighborhood, with mostly older residents.

TEACH YOUR KIDS TO DREAM! When I was young, I wish someone had told me that I could grow up to be anything I wanted one day. It would have…

WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT EVER GET IT RIGHT? The good news is stimulus money will soon be on its way to millions of people throughout the US. The bad news…

WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY AT HOME, my Mother loved our German Shepard, Wolfgang. He was a big, clumsy playful dog with a hyperactive bent. He was what dog lovers refer to as a good dog. One who protects and obeys.


AT THE BEGINNING OF COVID 19, I was honored with a new grandson, Miles. His parents stayed with him in the hospital for a few days, then made a safe dash home where they all hunkered down like most of us.

Technology to the rescue.

He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen over Zoom, or anywhere. Zoom was the only way we could see him for seven months. My wife and I finally met him in person (safety protocols in place) for two days last month. He was happy to see us, smiling all the time, and we were ecstatic.

New chapters can be energizing, or they can be a walk into the unknown.

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Photo © Sean Lemons

I heard someone say the other day that COVID-19 was the beginning of a new chapter in her life. It made me reflect on all the new chapters that I’ve experienced in my 68-years.

A little copy, a little content, a few articles, some odd jobs, and voila, 30-years later you have a pretty good freelance business!

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Photo ©Lloyd Lemons

Many years ago I nervously sat across the conference table from four people who were about to give my copy a preliminary review. This was back in the day before computers, email, and Word docs were ubiquitous. Instead, I made an appointment, hand-delivered my work, and waited while experts from the marketing department gave it a read. They read in silence, mostly. I tried to read their faces as they inspected my work, but got nothing. …

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North Shore of the island of O’ahu. Photo by ©Lloyd Lemons

Retirement is a very polarizing subject. Among the folks who have the option to retire there are perhaps three basic groups. Group one can’t wait to retire. They enjoy visions of playing golf every day or taking cruises to the distant tropics, or maybe just lounging around in cut-offs and flipflops while watching the world go by from the vantage point of their front porch. This anxious group tracks the calendar, counting the months, weeks, and days until they are relieved of their daily grind.

My father bragged that he retired at 53. He was dead at 63.

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It’s an idyllic life… maybe. Photo by ©Lloyd Lemons

I have to admit that I hate getting older. Many who read this statement might be thinking: Yeah, no kidding, who would like it except maybe a masochist? Well, if you follow media that targets baby boomers, you’ll read stories about people from every walk of life, who in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, apparently enjoy lives so full of joyous activity and abundance that they can hardly contain their enthusiasm for what comes tomorrow. I’m happy for them, but they certainly don’t represent the majority.

Think of it as a combination of discomfort, outright pain, and pure bliss. But it’s more. It’s the union of land, sky, wind, and nature. I experience the minute and invisible changes in air temperature and fluctuating humidity, as I move forward at a brisk pace. I enjoy listening to the wind howl past my ears. I hear my own breath as my lungs search for more air. …

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