Thinking back to our school days (and this could include junior high through college), we had fun times, stressful times, and times we’d like to forget. Students earned reputations such as the cool kids, the groupies, the brainiacs, the bruisers, loners, and others.

A man and a woman hold hands on the beach facing the sunset.
None of us are just like anyone else. Photo by Igor Rodrigues.

In school, I didn’t fit in. Anywhere! I was quiet but friendly. I was often accused of not smiling enough. Other students seemed to like me, but I never had a “good buddy”, nor did I have a steady girlfriend. I was athletic but never played on the team. Today, I am what I am, I’ve been married 45-years to my best friend, Diane, and I’m happy with that.

As a member of the student body, did you “fit in”? Anywhere? Or were you a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? And how did that influence your life today?

It’s up to each of us to change our outlook for the better

SO, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT 2021? True, it’s not over yet, we have about six weeks left, and we do have “the holidays” to look forward to, but you can probably still express how the past 46 months felt to you.

I was happy that we at least seemed…

Curiosity may be another link to longevity.

A strange looking bicycle with multiple sprockets and chains.
A curious bike design from a creative mechanical artisan. Photo © Lloyd Lemons

One cloudy autumn morning a few years ago, I was visiting my five-year-old grandson in Colorado. For several minutes, I watched him aimlessly kick a ball around his backyard. He looked a little sad, so I set down my coffee and went out…

It’s something to think about as we age.

Three Hawaiian dancers and 3 musicians perform in the streets of Honolulu.
Dancers in Honolulu tell a story with their movements. Photo © Lloyd Lemons

Are you happy?

It sounds like a simple question, but it often has a complicated answer. I don’t mean the kind of joy that comes from, say, buying a new car or losing 15-pounds since starting your Mediterranean diet. …

Blue water on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, and palm trees swaying in the foreground.
The coast of Oahu, Hawaii — Photo © Lloyd Lemons

I SLOWLY EASED INTO THE BARBER CHAIR, removed my glasses, adjusted my mask, and the barber swung the cape around me. I don’t usually talk much when getting my hair cut. It’s typically a relaxing experience where my mind tends to wander. …

I spoke to my son on the phone last night. He lives in Hawaii; I live in Florida. That’s not an unusual thing except that a week ago, he had a massive brain hemorrhage. He’s 42, a retired US Marine with a family.

My son, his wife, and my grandson, posing for a family picture.
My son and his family.

The call we got from his wife…

Photo © Lloyd Lemons

AS A YOUNGSTER, MY FAMILY LIVED IN A SMALL BUNGALOW on a tree-lined dirt road in Clawson, Michigan. To call it a bungalow may be generous. It was a boxy old house with brown asphalt siding, a coal chute under the porch, and a tall chimney that belched black smoke…

TEACH YOUR KIDS TO DREAM! When I was young, I wish someone had told me that I could grow up to be anything I wanted one day. It would have…

WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT EVER GET IT RIGHT? The good news is stimulus money will soon be on its way to millions of people throughout the US. The bad news…

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